Ready for your results

Ready for your results

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One of the 50-plus photos posted by Meyer80 on the Whitman school page in December.
One of the 50-plus photos posted by Meyer80 on the Whitman school page in December.

There are two ways for team representatives (coaches, athletes, parents, league administrators, fans) to send us high school meet results. And a page for every school in the D.C area has been created for you to write about those meets and post your photos from them.

See the area’s top times here and the meet results that have been submitted so far here. To find your school click here. To see a sample meet result click here. And to see a sample individual results page click here. If you don’t see your meet results, there are now two ways for team representatives (coaches, athletes, parents, league administrators, fans)  from around the area to send them to us. Send them to

To file via MEET MANAGER

PMSL Hy-Tek Meet ManagerSTEP 1: Once you’ve entered your meet into meet manager, export your results and save them as a .zip file containing the .cl2 and .hy3 file. When exporting meet results to team manager leave the team area blank and it will select all teams swum in the meet.

STEP 2: If possible, each file should contain the information for the all the teams that participated in meet. If you have only your own team’s results available, that’s fine, please send them to us we’d love to have them. But if you have them all, it would be great to have them sent to us all in one file. You are all likely 1,000 times more familiar with the meet manager software than we are, but here’s a screengrab our tech folks asked us pass along to all of those sending us results (note that the top three fields are left blank). This is the screen that appears just before you export.

STEP 3: Please send an e-mail with your zip file attached and subject line of “Swim meet from TEAM A vs. TEAM B vs. TEAM C: mm/dd/yy” to

To file via TEAM MANAGER (many thanks to Jeff Wolla and Brian Pawlowicz for helping us figure out this process. This is adapted from an e-mail Jeff sent us late last week)

STEP 1 All times, places, and points for each event were entered into Team Manager 5 using the Results by Event selection under the Results menu for the designated meet.  This involves some scrolling up and down the displayed roster since entries are not defined in advance.  Results are printed to double check swimmers, times, and scores against the hand-scored sheets.

STEP 2 Go back to the main screen.

STEP 3 Use the File>Export>Meet Results selection.  Make sure the correct meet is displayed in the Specific Meet box.  Check Export Relays.  In the Athlete Export Filters box make sure All is selected.  Your Team should be in the Team box, but I guess this does not really matter since results for only one team are entered for the meet.

STEP 4 Click OK and a box will popup telling you how Individual and Relay results were exported.  It will also tell you the name of the file and the location where you will find it.  Click OK.

STEP 5 Click Close.  (If you click OK, the results are exported again and the number at the end of the file name increases by one.)

STEP 6 Close or minimize TM and find the zipped export file.  After changing the file name to match the meet, this is the file that should be emailed with a subject line of “Swim meet from TEAM A vs. TEAM B vs. TEAM C: mm/dd/yy” to

Those wishing to check what is inside the zipped file can go to the Reports>Export/Import File Report (CL2, HY3, SD3) menu selection.  Select your export file in the next window and click Open.  Click OK in the next box.  Select one of the files in the next box (CFILE 01 or HFILE01) and click Open.  Click OK in the next box and a report will be generated that shows what is in the file.


Send all results from your season to We’ll input them as soon as we can. If you’ve already sent us results in one of these formats your results should be posted Thursday. If you don’t see them, or if you have any questions e-mail us at

Thanks for your participation and good luck this season!



  1. fyi – most meets/teams do not use Hytek meet manager, at least in the VA Northern Region!!

  2. Thanks so much, phelpsfan.

    We’re hearing that many of the Northern region teams input by hand their results into Team Manager and we realized this week that we can upload those files into our system, too!! We’re figuring out the specifics of how those interested can do this right now. There will be a post very soon (hopefully by early next week) detailing how.

  3. IMO, publishing half of a dual meet’s results using HyTek Team Manager seems pretty ridiculous. In either case (Meet or Team Manager) these results would always be unofficial for the VA Northern Region dual meets. At least for the VA Northern Region, the idea of publishing the Dual Meet box scores with total team score for each team seems like a much simpler and interesting approach.

  4. @phelpsfan — We’d LOVE to have complete results. But it’s up to coaches/parents/helpers to send us the stuff we need — the SDIF files (otherwise known as “cl2″ files) generated by the Hy-Tek software. When you see half a meet, it’s because that’s all we got.

    The SDIF format is the official US Swimming data interchange format. If there’s something else Northern region teams are using, besides hand-written results, we’d love to know about it and will consider writing handlers for it.

    While we could put up a web form into which coaches could type every swimmer’s name, event, seed time, result and so on, it seems unlikely anybody would be willing to spend the time doing that.

    — ed holzinger, newsroom software guy

  5. How about a web form for team scores, ie.

    Team A 201 – 85 Team B

    Something like the WPost sports page has for reporting football, other scores. You would just need the division structure, teams, etc.

  6. Mr or Mrs Webmaster i just got a alert from my firewall when i opened your blog do you happen to know how come this occured? Could it possibly from your ads or something? Thanks, really odd i hope it was harmless?

  7. That’s the first report of something like that. Let us know if you have any other problems.

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