Whitman girls, Georgetown Prep win Metros championships

Whitman girls, Georgetown Prep win Metros championships

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Whitman’s Danielle Schulkin, right, gets a hug from a competitor after setting the 100 butterfly record. (Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)
Whitman’s Danielle Schulkin, right, gets a hug from a competitor after setting the 100 butterfly record. (Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)




After finishing third at last year’s Metros championships, one of the best finishes in the school’s history, Whitman’s girls immediately started looking forward to this year’s meet, mapping out ways to win the program’s first title.

“We were making lineups and everything,” Vikings’ senior Danielle Schulkin said.

On Saturday night at the Germantown Indoor Swim Center, Schulkin helped Whitman turn the yearlong planning into a reality, setting a Metros record in the 100-yard butterfly with an automatic all-American time of 55.07 as the Vikings cruised to the title with 447 points, ahead of Good Counsel (333) and Churchill (321).

“I’ve been looking at that [record] for the past four years so it’s very gratifying to get that my senior year,” Schulkin said.

On the boys’ side, Georgetown Prep won its seventh consecutive title – extending the program’s dominance behind a team performance in which all three relays took titles, something Coach Matt Mongelli said he couldn’t remember happening in recent memory. The Little Hoyas finished with 456 points, well ahead of DeMatha (262) and Churchill (247).

Georgetown Prep was led by junior Jonathan Ekstrom, who took titles in the 200 individual medley with an automatic all-American time of 1:50.72 and the 100 backstroke with an automatic all-American time of 50.08. All-Met senior Matt Thomas won the 200 freestyle in an automatic all-American time of 1:40.80 and finished second in the 100 free in an automatic all-American time of 45.95.

“It’s a good feeling,” Ekstrom said of continuing the streak. “I’m hoping we can win [next year] when I’m a senior so they can throw me in the pool.”

For the second consecutive year, Good Counsel All-Met sophomore Sarah Haase was impressive, winning two events – setting a record in one and nearly taking down a second mark.

Haase won the 200 IM in an automatic all-American time of 2:02.34, shattering the mark of 2:03.86 set by Molly Freedman in 1997. Then, in the 100 breaststroke she fell just short of her sister Colleen Haase’s record of 1:01.56, finishing with an automatic All-American time of 1:01.77.

“Honestly I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get that record but it was a great surprise,” Sarah Haase said of the 200 IM. “I just went out fast and I went for it. “

On the boys’ side, Good Counsel freshman Jack Conger burst onto the Metros scene with perhaps the most dominant performance of the meet, breaking records in both the 50 and 100 freestyles.

Conger first took down Josh Hafkin’s mark of 20.73 with an automatic all-American time of 20.56. Then, the freshman knocked off Sean Stewart’s record of 45.61 in the 100 with an automatic all-American time of 45.50.

“I didn’t think I could go that fast,” Conger said. “But it was all in the moment.”

Other individual winners included Holy Cross junior Katie Rogers (200 freestyle, AAU 1:50.60; 500 freestyle, AAU 4:55.11), Sherwood junior Emily Ryczek (50 freestyle, AAC 23.93; 100 free, AAU 51.23), Churchill junior Chris Verboncoeur (100 fly, AAU 50.23), O’Connell junior Ian Decker (500 free, AAC 4:36.54), Poolesville senior Cara Chuang (100 back, AAU 55.74) and Walter Johnson senior Andrew Tollefson (100 breast, AAC 58.64).

Georgetown Prep’s relays finished with automatic all-American times in the 200 medley (1:35.24) and 400 free (3:07.25), and with a consideration time of 1:27.54 in the 200 free relay.

Like the boys, Whitman’s girls also swept the relays, winning the 200 medley in an automatic all-American time of 1:46.74, the 200 free relay in a consideration time of 1:38.37 and the 400 free relay in an automatic all-American time of 3:29.95.






  1. Congratulations to Coach Schaeffer and the rest of the team – not only did they win, but it was with class and grace – couldn’t be happier for them!

  2. Does anyone else see the irony in the fact that the Washington Post just did an article about the seperation of swimming and diving in High School and yet here they are posting an article about Metros without one mention of the diving accomplishments. So let me be the one to congratulate the top performers!
    Girls – Nicole Glazer B-CC 1st
    Emily Schmidt WW 2nd
    Annie Kastler WJ 3rd

    Boys – Micheal Mosca Prep – 1st
    Timothy Faerber Churchill – 2nd
    Kyle Butts – Springbrook – 3rd

    Way to go divers!

  3. Congratulations to the Prep Boys and Whitman Girls and thanks to all the swimmers for making Metros 2010 an exciting meet to watch! Can’t wait to see what you all have in store for us in 2011.

  4. I was wrong. Whitman won this meet because they were focused and presented a unified front. Congratulations Coach Schaeffer and the swimmers/divers. Job well done!

  5. congrats to everyone from whitman, you guys are the best!!! and congrats to katie rogers, dani schulkin, chris verboncoeur, andrew tollefson, emily ryczek, cara chuang, and jonathan ekstrom. you guys all had a great meet!!!!

  6. Whitman had a monster squad this season for the ladies. I would like to see them take on Robinson’s Ladies

  7. Janet Who? Jack Conger’s times were definitely the most impressive of the high school championship season in our area.

  8. Wow, nothing classier than trashing a middle school girl. She’s great; he’s great.

  9. Janet Hu will rewrite the record books after her Fr. season. idontfloat will be eating their words big time. She is without a doubt the best female swimmer to rise in some time, Radloff was great too ans many others. But she’s (Hu) already crossing unspeakable boundaries

  10. SwimFan, what words will I be eating? The part where I said she’s great?

    You might want to ease back on the hyperbole too..’crossing unspeakable boundaries’ is a little high on the expectationmeter, or she’s a Klingon space traveler

  11. The trash talk on this site is ridiculous every article has people fighting. It makes the swim community look like a bunch of stuck-up know-it-alls. Everyone needs to just keep their mouths shut unless they have something nice to say.

  12. janet hu’s one of my friends! she’s amazing, no doubt. i agree with SwimFan, there really hasn’t been one of the greatest talents from the dc area swimming-wise.
    and please dont talk trash about her, she’s really nice and is only an eighth grader!

  13. i meant “she’s really one of the greatest talents from the dc area swimming-wise,” i dont know where my head was when i was writing my previous comment!

  14. idontfloat- Janet Hu is the reason Waldo is hiding, Janet Hu ordered a Big Mac at Burger King……….and got one!!!!

  15. hey Idontfloat my bad big time…… I’ve been directing this to Jon Bowman’s comment

  16. NWSWIMMER…You are absolutely right. I don’t know why anyone would want to write about swimming. When any article is written someone doesn’t like it or they haven’t mentioned the right swimmer.

  17. This site was set up to honor swimmers. Let’s keep it that way! I mean, we are so grateful to have any coverage in this sport. A sport that kids put hours and hours of hard work into and rarely get recognition for. So with that being said, it is silly to see the way most are responding on these boards. Lets keep it on the up and up and show everyone what class the swimming community really has!

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