Ledecky shines at PVS Senior Champs

Ledecky shines at PVS Senior Champs

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Zach Hayden, shown here swimming for Stonewall Jackson in 2006, set a PVS record in the 50 freestyle. (Photo by John McDonnell, The Washington Post)
Zach Hayden, shown here swimming for Stonewall Jackson in 2006, set a PVS record in the 50 freestyle. (Photo by John McDonnell, The Washington Post)

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The Potomac Valley Senior Short Course Swim championships were held this weekend and several local swimmers had standout meets.

Perhaps the most outstanding performance of the meet came from Curl Burke’s Katie Ledecky, who broke PVS age group records in the 11-12 age group in the 200 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 500 freestyle, 1650 freestyle and 400 individual medley.

Ledecky finished second to former Olympian Kate Ziegler in the 1650 with a time of 17:06.35. Ziegler, 21, turned in a time of 16:16.86.

Ledecky finished third behind Ziegler (1:48.30) and Curl-Burke 14-year-old Janet Hu (1:52.18) in the 200 freestyle with a time of 1:52.85 and won the 400 IM in 4:29.27.

Ledecky finished second behind Ziegler (4:40.68) in the 500 freestyle with a time of 4:57.67 and took third behind Ziegler (50.67) and Wilson’s Callie Fosburgh (52.30) in the 100 freestyle with a time of 52.48.

Ziegler also won the 1000 freestyle (9:37.29) and took second to Hu in the 50 freestyle with a time of 23.93. Hu finished in a PVS age-group record 23.30.

Zach Hayden won the 50 freestyle in PVS Open and Resident record 19.95, breaking the 20-second barrier for the first time in PVS Open history. The previous record of 20.00 was set by Eric Knight in 2008.

Madison’s Adam Pennington, swimming for The Fish, won several events — the 1650 freestyle (15:41.40), 1000 freestyle (9:27.79), 200 freestyle (1:41.92), 500 freestyle (4:34.11) and 200 backstroke (1:52.59).

Anna Johannes from the Potomac Marlins broke an American Paralympic Record in the SB8 classification in the Women’s 200 yard Backstroke with a time of 2:24.91, breaking the old record by nearly 2 seconds.

Ten-year-old Emily Melius from The Fish, the youngest swimmer at the meet, placed 19th in the 200 yard backstroke.

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  1. Paul, you covering NCSA Juniors this week in Orlando? Lots of the top kids in the area are swimming this national meet.

  2. Is Ledecky going to the NCSA meet? It would be great to see how she would do in the 1650, she would be seeded pretty well.

    Also interested to see how PVS top two youngsters , Conger (15)and Hu(14) fair at this meet.Its not nearly as crowded as last year and a little slower which should help getting into finals but they are both so talented that hopefully they do well…Haese too.
    Fletcher swimming the meet is very surprising.College swimmers rarely swim age group meets regardless of whether or not they are 18. They usually go to the end of season meet with the guys on their team they are swimming with.

    The big dog meets start this week with Womens NCAA’s..best of luck to all the 12 women that made it in.

  3. Why would a college kid swim a high school type meet? That is really strange, and tells me that someone can’t hang with the big wolverines at Ann Arbor and is living in the past. Someone needs to take a page from Clary, Madwed and Brady who all are class acts – just sayin…

  4. Its kind of unfair to have Fletcher swimming…he’s had a whole year of college coaching under his belt. Ledecky will be swimming PVS JOs, not NCSA. She’s gonna be swimming as a 13 year old, though. I also discovered that Jack Conger is signed up to swim 14 events at NCSA. Isn’t that a little much?

  5. Fletcher is 18, he could still be a high senior by age. As noted before, he had mono and was sick for most of the year. This is the fastest season ending short course meet he could attend. he wasn’t fast enough to make the Michigan squad for conference….. I don’t think the swimmers really care if he is there… they probably aren’t as scared of the competition like the rest of you!!

  6. Well, first he wasnt sick most of the year,he swam first semester for Michigan and at the short course nationals in December. Second, he swam a very good 47+ fly in Feb..of this year at a meet with other non-conference UM guys.

    And regardless of whether he is 18 or not, he is not in high school and has the had the benefit of college training for a good part of the year which is a world of difference from age group club training.I mean come on, he has Mike Bottom as his coach and is training with some of the best swimmers in the country.

    Most college guys would not want to swim a meet with age groupers when he they had the option of going to a sectional meet or grand prix meet with their teammates.Its not like he is the only 18 year old college freshman out there ..

    And you know what, your right, the kids probably arn’t “scared “of the competition.They know he is very good but maybe its their time to shine and its time for him to move on

  7. Rachel Nuerath NOVA, (a central Va team) had a smoking 1000. 9:36 is world class.
    She is hands down one of the most talented swimmer at this meet for events 200 and above. She along with her talented NOVA teammates are going to dominate their events.

  8. Agree with Stagedad on Grandprix or sectional meet – would be nice to see Austin Staab school him in Buffalo last week. I can understand Fletcher swimming at juniors if Michigan is on spring break, but that ended March 8th. I am puzzled by this decision.

  9. Adam Pennington swims for Madison. Congrats to all of the swimmers from this weekend.

  10. Rachel Naurath smoked in the 1000 free today…Jack Conger did very well for his first NCSA Juniors, got 6th in the 1000 free and dropped approximately 2 seconds. Although I do agree with Cal, 14 events may be a bit too much, especially at such a young age…Curl-Burke boys did extremely well in their 200 medley relay and the Curl-Burke girls ended up 6th…so far, so good! Look to see Conger and Janet Hu in their 200 back event tomorrow…as with Sarah Haase in the breast

  11. ‘speedo is all i wear’ must have been getting smoked by fletcher since age 6; now the internet offers some sweet nerd revenge. Enjoy yourself little fella.

    And what’s wrong or unfair about him swimming this meet? He’s 18. This isn’t a high school championship. If it was, don’t let the middle school kids swim it.

    And maybe instead of attacking him for a rough freshman year at one of the top schools in the country, maybe he should be commended for being on that team at his young age.

  12. LOL idontfloat – could barely swim a 25 free yet any fly…

    If I was Mike Bottom I’d tell Fletcher to get into the water and swim with the big dogs, not some age group kids. Can you imagine if two years ago Madwed (while redshirting Frosh year so he can train for 08 trials) posted at this meet?

  13. Congratulations to Katie Gen. What an impressive performance. She takes after her mom.

  14. If the age requirement for Junior National is 18 and under, then he is legal to participate. What is wrong for that?

  15. Idontfloat, you are missing the point.No one is attacking Fletcher and never has, just commenting on his choice of meets.
    Stagedad (above)had very good points,he is a college swimmer now,
    time for him to move on..

  16. How many of you have actually swam or coached at any level? Why is there this need to question the decision of a swimmer to race at a meet he is allowed to attend? There are at least a dozen reasons that Sean is swimming NCSA this week. And I would bet that it’s with the blessing of his college coach. There are lots of college 18 year olds at the meet, always have been. Some schools send all their 18 year olds who didn’t make conference. Some schools look at it as recruiting tool.

  17. hscoach, see ‘speedo is all i wear’s comments’ and tell me again that no one is attacking

  18. LOL! Idontfloat and Swimparent must be Mr and Mrs Fletcher. I never personally attacked Sean, but pointed out in a more “direct” way to grow up. If someone wants to be a better swimmer, why would he/she swim against people who aren’t as good as them? I pointed out all the great swimmers at Michigan who can mentor a young swimmer like Fletcher, but no one challenged me on this point. There maybe many reasons why he is swimming at juniors, I’d like to know why?

    Swimparent, please provide me the list of the “College” 18 year olds swimming this meet? I’ve been familiar with this meet since 2002 and don’t recall any college swimmer attending…

  19. Congratulations to Katie Ledecky! What a performance. Her mother was also an outstanding swimmer back in high school days in North Dakota. TDB

  20. “tells me that someone can’t hang with the big wolverines at Ann Arbor”…

    ..”and is living in the past”…

    you derive those gems because he’s swimming in a top 18-u national meet? if it’s not an attack then it’s pure genius. and i’m sure you’re justified in denigrating him because you’ve accomplished more than sean.

  21. Wow. You guys are not that with it. Here are a few points to chew on:

    1. Ncaa teams can only bring 18 swimmers to the meet – and that’s IF they get into the meet. Fletcher is fast, but not quite fast enough to go to the meet.

    2. If he is of age, he should be able to swim in the meet. Just because he’s been in college a year doesn’t mean he’s had superior coaching!! That’s a misconception. CurlBurke has 2 coaches who have coached Olympians, and so does Nbac.

    3. Petty swimming parents, as I’m sure you are, get this sport nowhere. In fact, you guys are the ones us coaches make fun of ALL YEAR. You have no life. Get healthy and support the sport in the correct way, or get the heck out of it. Even your kids know the deal.

  22. WOW.. I cant belive you are a coach..You are incredably mis-informed or uninformwed..take your pick
    Here are a few points for you to chew on.

    1) He is not just in college and has a coach..he has MIKE BOTTOM…and I’m sorry but I am not going to put Rick Curl and Pete Morgan in the same catagory as Bob Bowman..(BTW, RC has been coach in abstecia for several years. .. NBAC does NOT go to this meet. because their elite swimmers are BETTER suited to higher level meets. And any coach and I mean ANY coach knows their is a huge difference in what you get in a college program and what you get as an age grouper regardless of the coach (eg Surhoff at nbac vs, surhaoff at UT with Reese.)

    2)College swimmers go to different meets when they dont make conference or NC2’s and they usually go to a meet together,,as a team.

    3) Third, the intent of the meet is to give opportunities to athletes that are up and coming including travel meets which is what NCSA does and why club coaches like their age groupers to participate in this meet..This Ireland trip is great for these kids.
    And being a “coach”I am sure you are aware of the USA swimming policy that excludes athletes (regardless of age) on their JrNat team of attending international meets once they have attended college..

    4) The best laugh of all is when petty swim parents masqurade as coaches to give credence to their point of view…and I would bet you are a very , and I mean very involved parent because I have a hard time anyone else could type that pointless post..Oh, nice job getting Curl thrown in their with “olympic coaches”

  23. This is meant to be a place of positivity and support to our swimmers. So if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.

  24. You are all so disappointing. . You have a 18 year old swimmers competing at NCSA who are completely legal….I’m sure everyone wants the faster kid to move on….

    Let’s thinnk withi logic…any swimmer who attends a University as a swimmer has to get approval from their coach to attend meets outside of their schedule.

    NCSA is not a USA swimming sanctioned meet.

    Jr. National Team is the Youth Team.

    You are making points that are petty and spells just one thing envy and jealously for some reason.
    If you don’t like the rules…join the board. But my guess…you haven’t hit the deck in Orlando at NCSA ever. By the way, has no problem with Sean Fletcher swimming.

    Bottom line…what a swimmer does isn’t your business except his coach.

    Thank you Seriously is this a Joke… .this is to much. It’s disappointing that you have nothing positive to say.

  25. p.s Serious is this a JOKE>….you are very positive. …I just can’t belive the rest of these bloggers…so sad.

  26. Correction- this has USA swimming sanction but the meet packet states the rules…but does not follow USA Swimming’s National Youth Team.

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