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Area Roundup

By Paul Tenorio
Curl-Burke's Chuck Katis and K.J. Park finished one-two in the 100 breaststroke at NCSA Junior Nationals. (Photo courtesy Curl-Burke)

Curl-Burke's Chuck Katis and K.J. Park finished one-two in the 100 breaststroke at NCSA Junior Nationals. (Photo courtesy Curl-Burke)

Local swimmers turned in top performances on Days Two and Three at the NCSA Junior Nationals in Orlando on Wednesday and Thursday.


One of the highlights of Day Two was a local one-two finish in the mens’ 100 breaststroke, where Curl-Burke’s Chuck Katis (Langley) and K.J. Park (Oakton) took the top spots with times of 55.40 and 55.76, respectively.

Arlington Aquatic’s Jake Huston (Washington-Lee) finished seventh in 57.49, while Winchester Swim’s Ben Grove (Handley) finished ninth (56.48).

RMSC’s Jack Conger (Good Counsel) also turned in a hugely exciting performance, winning a title by turning in a time of 1:44.03 in the 200 backstroke — setting a 15-16 National Age Group record in the process.

Teammate Jonathan Ekstrom (Georgetown Prep) finished seventh in 1:47.67 and Eric Conrad (Sherwood) took ninth (1:49.10).

Curl-Burke’s Brad Dillon (South Lakes) finished 12th in 1:50.07.

See the full 200 backstroke results here.

See the full mens’ 100 breaststroke results here.

Rockville Montgomery’s Emily Ryczek (Sherwood) took 14th in the 100 freestyle with a time of 51.17. See the full womens’ 100 free results here and the full mens’ 100 free results here.

In the womens’ 100 breaststroke, RMSC’s Sarah Haase (Good Counsel) took ninth with a time of 1:01.30, while Sea Devil Swimming’s Shinhye Won (West Springfield) finished in 10th (1:02.71).

See the full womens’ 100 breaststroke results here.

In the womens’ 200 backstroke, RMSC’s Ashleigh Ferguson (Holy Cross) finished seventh with a time of 2:00.60, while Curl-Burke’s Janet Hu finished 12th (2:00.06) and RMSC’s Kaitlin Mills (Good Counsel) finished 15th (2:00.83).

See the womens’ 200 backstroke results here.

RMSC’s Elizabeth Pepper (Walter Johnson) finished sixth in the 200 fly (1:59.26), while Danielle Schulkin took ninth in 1:59.17. Curl-Burke’s Kaitlin Pawlowicz took 13th (2:01.30).

See the womens’ 200 fly results here.

Curl-Burke’s Nick Tremols (Battlefield) finished second in the 200 fly with a time of 1:47.07, while teammate James Crabb took fifth in 1:48.25. Curl-Burke’s Mark Sarman (Broad Run) finished eighth in 1:50.49.

See the full mens’ 200 fly results here.

RMSC’s womens’ 800 freestyle relay of Katie Rogers (Holy Cross), Ryczek, Alicia Watkins (Churchill) and Pepper finished third with a time of 7:23.22. Curl-Burke’s team of Lauren Poore (Whitman), Hu, Pawlowicz and Taylor Vincent (Gar-Field) took sixth (7:27.27).

Curl-Burke’s mens 800 free relay of Bradley Phillips (Oakton), Tremols, Serge Gould (Whitman) and Park took third in 6:43.05, while RMSC’s team of Conger, Andrew Tollefson (Walter Johnson), Conrad and Ekstrom finished fifth in 6:46.89.

Curl-Burke’s ‘B’ relay of Cyrus Hashemi (Marshall), Stephen Seliskar (W.T. Woodson), Ryan Dunne (Brentsville) and Dillon finished seventh in 6:48.17.


Fourteen-year-old Hu finished fourth in the 50 fly with a time of 24.62, while Conger took ninth in the mens’ event in 22.25 and Tremols, Crabb and RMSC’s Chris Verboncoeur (Churchill) finished 10th, 11th and 12th with times of 22.65, 22.79 and 22.89, respectively.

See the full 50 results here: mens’.

Haase took the 50 breaststroke title in a time of 28.10, while Won finished 11th (29.50) and Curl-Burke’s Natalie Leake (Centreville) finished 16th in 29.91.

Katis took second in the mens’ 50 breast with a time of 25.75, while Grove finished fourth (26.06) and Park was fifth (26.08). Huston finished 10th (26.48).

In the womens’ 200 freestyle, Pepper finished third with a time of 1:48.62, while Rogers finished 11th in 1:49.84. On the mens’ side, Bradley Phillips finished 13th with a time of 1:40.43.

In the womens’ 400 IM, Pawlowicz finished ninth in 4:18.09, while Phillips finished third in 3:56.22 on the mens’ side. Katis (10th, 2:58.48), Gould (13th, 3:59.77) and RMSC’s Clemens Kaiser (Richard Montgomery, 14th, 4:00.04) also finished in the Top 16.

RMSC’s 400 free relay of Ryczek, Rogers, Haase and Pepper finished seventh in 3:26.19, while Curl-Burke’s team of Hu, Pawlowicz, Jayme Katis (Langley) and Kendall Hough finished ninth in 3:27.25.

RMSC’s mens’ 400 free relay of Matthew Gibson (Wootton), Michael Center (Bethesda-CC), James Powell (Georgetown Prep) and Andrew Tollefson (Walter Johnson) finished fourth in 3:10.05.


Several local women opened their championship competition on Thursday night at Purdue University.

Mei Christensen was part of UVA’s 200 freestyle relay that finished eighth in 1:29.51, while Amanda Kendall was part of LSU’s team that took 12th.

Towson’s Meredith Budner finished eighth in the 500 freestyle in 4:40.10.

See how locals fared in the 500 freestyle prelims here, in the 200 IM prelims here and in the 50 freestyle here.

Maren Taylor (Texas) finished 11th in one-meter diving in her first NCAAs championships.

Christensen swam in UVA’s 400 medley relay that finished fifth in 3:33.28.

See the prelim results for those events here and here.

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17 Responses to “Area Roundup”

  1. Speed is all I wear says:

    Nice coverage Paul

  2. swimfan says:

    WOW..2 PVS women came in 2nd and 3rd at NCAA in the 100 breaststroke. Congratulations to Ashley Danner and Ellen Baumgardner,, Incredible swims and a huge accomplishment, especially for freshman

  3. cubu says:

    great job chuck <3

  4. swimfan says:

    Forgot to mention Christensen who place d 4th in the 100 back..Great swim/

    And Budner should really be commended for her swim. Hard enough to make this meet when you are from a big D1 program but coming from a relativly unknown mid major and making finals is pretty special.

  5. Speedo is all I wear says:

    Now that Fletcher won the 100fly, will he be going to Ireland with the rest of the Age Group kids? We shall see.

  6. hscoach says:

    I hope NCSA follows the same guidelines as USA swimming does and that is ‘swimmers who have attended college (regardless of age) are ineligible to participate in the international championship meets”

    USA swimming recognizes that age group swimming does not include college swimmers, something that some of those that post on this topic fail to recognize. You can like a kid and his parents and admire their talent but thats not the issue.

  7. swimmer says:

    Where can I find the results for this meet?

  8. idontfloat says:

    the horse is dead, hscoach

  9. swimfan says:

    Congratulations to all the PVS athletes that qualified for the NCSA IRELAND trip. What a great opportunity and experience.

    From Curl:Chuck Katis, KJ Park,and Nick Tremols

    From RMSC:Jack Conger, Sarah Haese,and Elizabeth Pepper

    (a few more are on the bubble..Janet Hu and Brad Phillips are in the top 4)

    Outstanding swims!!

    On another note I dont know what NOVA of Virginia puts in their water but their swimmers were nothing short of amazing, Rachel Nuerath certainly bears watching in the future.

  10. swim parent says:

    Every time you post, you get more ridiculous… your lack of knowledge is amazing..
    “same guidelines as USA swimming does and that is ’swimmers who have attended college (regardless of age) are ineligible to participate in the international championship meets”
    USA swimming recognizes that age group swimming does not include college swimmers,..”
    have you ever been to a US Swimming Sectional or Senior Championship meet? There were several college swimmers at the last PVS Senior Championships, several are entered in the upcoming sectional meet. Go to the recently posted all time top 100 times age group timesfrom US Swimming, it is full of 17-18 times, recognized by US Swimming by college swimmers swimming unattached from their club while in college. Have you ever heard of the World University Games where college age swimmers represent the US?

  11. hscoach says:

    My bad..I was not clear.Because it was ncsa Jr National’s I was using the guidelines for the usa swim Junior National team. This taken from USA swimming:

    USA Swimming National Junior Team Selection Criteria:
    Age Requirements (on the first day of international competition):
    Girls: 17 and under who will not be attending college prior to the scheduled
    international competition.
    Boys: 18 and under who will not be attending college prior to the scheduled
    international competition.

    And yes I know its not USA swimming but in the SPIRIT of fairness, I hope ncsa adapts the same guidelines.

  12. WJSD says:

    I’m pretty sure that college swimmers are not allowed to attend the Ireland trip

  13. curious says:

    Are Chuck Katis and Elizabeth Pepper juniors? I bet colleges will be knocking hard at their doors. Any idea where they are looking?

    Paul, it would be great to see a story on these two and the contact they had with coaches at the meet( i think you are allowed one contact in spring of your junior year). They are probably the two most sought after recruits in the area and each represents one of the big area clubs so you wont be accused of favoritism,haha.

    I for one would love to know what these level swimmers can expect going into their senior year.

  14. swimfantoo says:

    HSCoach it is obvious that you do not understand anything about Youth Team as it’s not called the National Junior Team anymore, and also the rules have changed as you have cut and pasted rules from two years ago……so quit complaining about an eligible athlete who competed at NCSA Jr Nationals like other 18 year old swimmers.

  15. Speed is all I wear says:

    Hey Curious, is your last name Katis or Pepper?

  16. curious says:

    No actually it isn’t but I can probably guess what yours is…

    I think it would be great to see a story on two of the areas top athletes that until now have not gotten a lot of mention…Its nice to see some new names, dont you think?

  17. Recognition says:

    swim parent: still waiting for that answer…

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