Junior Nationals wrap-up

Junior Nationals wrap-up

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Curl-Burke's men's 400 medley relays finished one-two at Junior Nationals this weekend. (Photo courtesy Curl-Burke)
Curl-Burke's men's 400 medley relays finished one-two at Junior Nationals this weekend. (Photo courtesy Curl-Burke)

Curl-Burke took second overall at the NCSA Junior Nationals this past weekend in Orlando, finished behind NOVA of Virginia Aquatics (Richmond), which won the meet with a score of 1005.5, ahead of Curl’s 742.5.

Rockville Montgomery was fourth with 459 points.

Here are the top local finishers from the final three days of the meet.

Get the full results here.


RMSC’s Sarah Haase won the 50 breaststroke title with a time of 28.10, adding more to her growing resume.

Sea Devil’s Shinhye Won finished 11th in 29.50, while Curl-Burke’s Natalie Leake was 16th in 29.91.

Curl-Burke’s Chuck Katis finished second in the men’s 50 fly with a time of 25.75, while Winchester Swim’s Ben Grove took fourth (26.06) and Curl’s KJ Park was fifth (26.08).

Arlington Aquatic’s Jake Huston finished in 10th in 26.48 seconds.

In the 50 butterfly, Curl-Burke’s 14-year-old Janet Hu took fourth, finishing with a time of 24.62.

In the men’s 50 fly, RMSC’s Jack Conger (22.92) and Chris Verboncoeur (22.89) finished ninth and 12th, respectively, while Curl-Burke’s Nick Tremols (22.65) and James Crabb (22.79) were 10th and 11th.

RMSC’s Elizabeth Pepper finished third in the 200 freestyle with at ime of 1:48.62, while Curl-Burke’s Bradley Phillips finished 13th on the men’s side with a time of 1:40.43.

Curl-Burke’s Kaitlin Pawlowicz took ninth in the 400 IM with at ime of 4:18.09, while Phillips — her high school and club teammate — took third on the men’s side with at ime of 3:56.22.

Katis finished 10th in the event in 3:58.48, while Curl-Burke’s Serge Gould was 13th (3:59.77) and RMSC’s Clemens Kaiser took 14th (4:00.04).

RMSC’s 400 free relay of Emily Ryczek, Katie Rogers, Haase and Pepper finished in seventh with a time of 3:26.19, while Curl-Burke’s team of Hu, Pawlowicz, Jayme Katis and Kendall Hough finished ninth in 3:27.25.

Curl-Burke’s men’s 400 free relay of Tremols, Park, Ryan Dunne and Phillips took second in the event with at ime of 3:03.62, while RMSC’s team or Conger, Jonathan Ekstrom, Eric Conrad and Verboncoeur finished sixth in 3:06.32.


RMSC’s Ashleigh Ferguson took 15th in the 100 backstroke on Friday with a time of 57.05, while Conger finished 11th in 50.07.

2009 All-Met Swimmer of the Year Sean Fletcher finished ninth in 49.66.

Pepper finished sixth in the 500 freestyle with a time of 4:49.67, while Rogers was 12th (4:51.33) and RMSC’s Ellen Anderson was 16th in 4:55.19.

On the men’s side, Phillips finished eighth in the 500 free with a time of 4:35.84.

In the 200 breast, Haase finished in ninth with a time of 2:14.33, while Won took 16th in 2:19.06.

On the men’s side, Katis finished in fourth in 2:01.44 and Park took seventh in 2:02.87. Grove was 10th in 2:04.02.

Danielle Schulkin was the top local finisher in the 100 fly, taking 10th in 55.04 seconds, while Hu finished in 14th in 55.75.

On the men’s side, Fletcher took the title with a time of 47.07 — matching his national high school record-setting mark from last year’s Virginia AAA championships — while Tremols took fifth in 48.77.

Crabb (49.44), Conger (49.56) and Angus Macdonald (50.82) finished ninth, 10th and 16th, respectively.

Curl-Burke’s 200 free relay of Hu, Taylor Vincent, Hough and Hellen Moffitt finished in sixth in 1:34.81, and their ‘B’ relay of Victoria Kuhn, Lauren Poore, Katis and Alina Hall was 11th with at ime of 1:36.07.

On the men’s side, Curl-Burke’s relay of Kevin Vest, Park, Phillips and Dunne took fourth with a time of 1:23.75. RMSC’s relay of Josh Heller, Ekstrom, Verboncoeur and Conger was ninth in 1:25.13.


Cara Chuang took eighth in the 50 backstroke with a time of 26.16, while Hu finished ninth (26.01).

On the men’s side, Fletcher won the event with a time of 22.29, while Curl-Burke’s Philip Hu finished in sixth in 23.43. Brad Dillon was 11th in 23.75 and Conger took 13th in 23.91 seconds.

RMSC’s Anderson took 13th in the 1650 freestyle with a time of 16:46.23, while Rogers was 16th in 16:54.46. In the men’s 1650, Phillips finished fifth in 15:32.22.

Katis finished second in the men’s 200 IM with at ime of 1:50.88, while Ekstrom was ninth (1:51.92).

Hu took 15th in the women’s 50 freestyle with a time of 23.79, while Fletcher was second in the men’s in 20.39.

Vest finished 10th in the event (20.72) and Conger and Macdonald were 13th and 14th with times of 20.94 and 21.01, respectively.

RMSC’s 400 medley relay of Chuang, Haase, Pepper and Ryczek finished fourth in 3:44.32, while Curl-Burke’s team of Hu, Rachel Canty, Amanda Vincent and Taylor Vincent took eighth in 3:47.06.

To close out the weekend, Curl-Burke’s men’s A and B relays finished one-two in the 400 medley relay.

The ‘A’ relay of Dillon, Katis, Tremols and Dunne won it in 3:20.82, while Hu, Park, Crabb and Vest were second in 3:22.63.

RMSC’s ‘B’ team of Powell, Eric Ruggieri, Conrad and Michael Center were 14th in 3:30.59.

Get the full results here.


  1. Beside Conger, Elizabeth Pepper, Haese , Tremolis, Park and Katis are any other swimmers going to make the trip to Ireland. Maybe with scratches Hu and Phillips will get in ..When do they announce it?

  2. Their were some awesome performances by many of the PVS swimmers and non- pvs as well.
    Congratulations to all the swimmers that participated in this fast meet.
    Is their a list of swimmers that are going to Ireland ? I figure if you came in top 3 you are probably in but how about those getting in by ‘default” b/c other swimmers scratched.

    How big a team is NOVA? As big as cubu and rmsc? Cant believe how fast some of their girls were..wow..they dominated.
    Again, congratulations to all the great swimmers.

  3. I also just saw on the updated PVS records that all but one of the boys’ relay records were broken (the 8oo free relay was the only one left standing after this meet). The girls’ records fell in the 400 and 800 free relays as well as the 400 medley relay. Way to go everyone!

    Sarah Haase, Janet Hu, and Jack Conger broke individual PVS records as well.

  4. according to a friend of mine whose son is clay youngquist (1000 and 200 free winner), the kids from PVS that have made the team to go to Ireland in april are Jack Conger, Chuck Katis, Sarah Haase, Janet Hu, Elizabeth Pepper, and Nick Tremols…KJ Park wasn’t on the list, I wonder why that is?

  5. What event did Janet Hu make it in? Wasn’t her best finish in the 50 fly, when she was 4th? Not that I’m not glad she made it, I’m just quite surprised

  6. The two girls that finished 1st and 2nd in that event were already going by way of qualifying in a few other events. The third may have been unable to attend so that’s probably how Janet got in. Speaking of Janet, she just clocked a 2:00 in the 2 fly at sectionals making her not only the fastest female in pvs but I believe #1 in her age group in US swimming. Way to go Janet

  7. Another great swim from Janet last night. Please note however that while her time of 2:00.43 was the fastest time from PVS in the sectional meet, both Elizabeth Pepper (1:58.48) and Danielle Schulkin (1:59.17) swam faster times last week at NCSA Juniors.

    With respect to her national ranking in the 14 year old girls, her time would place her second behind Merrill Wilson of Brandon Sports & Aquatic Center, who swam a 1:59.57.

    All of the rankings for USA Swimming are available on the USA Swimming website at:

    You can customize your search in many ways to get just about any ranking that you are looking for.

    Good Luck to all the swimmers in the rest of sectionals and next weeks Zone Champioships

  8. I was quite surprised that Hu made the team as well…but kudos to her all the same, she is the youngest swimmer on the team and the only one in middle school. John Flanagan and Susan Chen are also coaches for the team. In response to WJSD and stagedad, Katie Kinnear was the 3rd place finisher in the 50 fly and is on the team as well. It also says that “priority of consideration will be any outstanding performance that merits apointment to the team”, so perhaps NCSA thought Hu’s 50 fly fit this criteria and saw her as an asset to the team. KJ Park was unable to be on the team because apparently he is not a US citizen…

  9. Hu made the team because, much like in Zone selection, it is the top two times of swimmers who will attend. Neither Rachel Bootsma (the first place finisher in 50 fly) nor the second place finisher accepted the invitation to go to Ireland. Hence, the third and fourth place swimmers were invited.

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