Hu takes 13th in butterfly at Jr. Nationals

Hu takes 13th in butterfly at Jr. Nationals

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Janet Hu placed 13th in the 100 butterfly at Junior Nationals. (Mark Gail-The Washington Post)
Janet Hu placed 13th in the 100 butterfly at Junior Nationals. (Mark Gail-The Washington Post)

There were five more event finals Wednesday at USA Swimming’s Junior National Championships.

Although no Washington-area swimmers advanced to the championship finals, three girls did make it to a second race.

Janet Hu, a 14-year-old swimming for Curl Burke, had the day’s best result of any local, taking 13th in the 100 butterfly in 1:01.97.

In the 400 freestyle, All-Met Swimmer of the Year Kaitlin Pawlowicz of Oakton High, also swimming for Curl Burke, took 17th (4:18.18) and Alison Haulsee of Nova of Virginia was 20th (4:20.80).


  1. Exxxxxcellent, the Proganda carpet-bombing campaign is a smashing success! You will all read about the Great Club, and when you are tired of it, you will read some more.

  2. To BurlCurke Bureau of Propaganda: Really, what is your problem? The article is about Hu’s success last night, not about Curl-Burke. Ask any swimmer in PVS, Hu is probably the most well-known swimmer in this area right now because of her accomplishments, and she just happens to swim for CUBU. Hu is a great swimmer, and when there is someone from another club her age who does this well at Jr. Nationals from another local club, then you can complain.

  3. where this the bitterness coming from? you should appreciate the fact the Post is covering local swimming at all. the reporter cited the area’s top results, two from Curl, one from NOVA (not really a local club). So if some swimmer from Potomac Marlins or Fort Belvoir or ASA had finished fifth last night, THEIR name would have shown up atop this article instead of Janet’s…..

  4. no matter what club she swims for, janet has accomplished a great feat! this is about her, not CUBU.

  5. Last week at Senior nationals, Matt McLean, representing SNOW, placed 6th at Senior Nationals/Pan Pac trials…… where was his photo? Where was the banner head line on this site about that accomplishment? If the site is going to be driven by submissions from teams and coaches please let everyone know that is what you want….. but, somehow, it is always a CUBU swimmer in the headline with the phote over the by line of a Post writer….. this is what is creating the bitterness here.

  6. Yeah…where is the mention of the local swimmers who made it to finals for Nationals…from MAKOS, QDD, SNOW, RMSC…

    Intentional or not, the constant CUBU coverage is just so STALE. Please Post, dig a little deeper and diversify! There are a lot of amazing kids out there.

  7. To be honest, while Janet is an accomplished swimmer, compared to some of the truly amazing young teenagers in the country – Missy Franklin (who actually made the Pan-Pac team), Jasmine Tosky, Kelly Naze, Annie Zhu – all of whom competed at SENIOR nationals and made finals, she is way behind them. Coming in 13th at Juniors in one event is great – but there are plenty of other swimmers who are way better and made multiple finals at Senior nationals. Enough already. She’s a fast sprinter – let’s see if she is even on the scene in 2-3 more years – I would bet not.
    While I understand that the Post is not loaded with reporters, quit dragging out old stuff. If you don’t have anything original, or you can’t write about all the PVS swimmers who competed at Senior Nationals last week, please don’t subject us to another Janet Hu article – there is really much more interesting topics in the world of swimming.

  8. Swim Coach – the problem with Matt McLean is he is in college and RFTW didn’t exist back when he was in age group and high school. Not only did he do well at Sr Nationals, so did Eric Friedland and Mark Meyers (both in college) as well as Sarah Haase from RMSC who all made finals, but no mention here until it was over. Clearly RFTW is focusing on up and coming swimmers in the area and those elite athletes like Kate Ziegler imho.

  9. Sarah Haase is not the only RMSC swimmer who finaled at Seniors. So did Danielle Schulkin and Elizabeth Pepper, both of whom finaled in the 200 fly. I don’t mind the fact that RFTW has more CUBU coverage than any other team, as old as it gets, but it would be nice if the Senior National swimmers got more than a paragraph at the end of an article about Junior Nationals. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Seniors is the bigger meet of the two. How about giving some of them some notice?

  10. There is so much bitterness towards CUBU from RMSC. This has been going on since 1978 when Rick Curl formed his club. RFTW appears to be just another venue for the people who can’t get beyond this negative behavior to perpetuate their own cause. This does absolutely nothing to help the sport of swimming or celebrate the swimmers. It is totally self serving.

    Before the ‘world of internet’, where you can now get all of the swimming results instantly, the Washington Post would report the results of the U.S. Swimming Nationals IF they had the room. Many times they would leave out events and many times complete days. RFTW wall is just one of many sites (including the club websites) you can go to see results.

    Potomac Valley Swimming and the Washington, D.C. area swim leagues have grown enormously. Maybe it would be helpful for the clubs to report swims to RFTW. There is a coach who does this for CUBU. Sometimes swimmers get lost when they go off to college and represent their college club team at Nationals. Other college swimmers represent club teams for the summer who didn’t grow up on the team. There is so much to follow and keep up with for one person at RFTW.

  11. Nobody is doubting Hu, Katis or Pawlowich’s talent or hard work or achievements. I guess what is hard for most people to figue out is why do we keep seeing the names of the same swimmers and not those of other equally talented and hard working area athletes. I mean, come on..either their parents are on over-drive to get their kids names out there or the part time reporter has absolutly intrest in expanding in expanding his knowledge of the sport and if that is the case, why bother? Look, RTW brings recognition to a sport that is somtimes maligned and misunderstood but it really no different then seeing summer league results posted in your local paper. I guess I had higher expectations that were obviouly unrealistic. It has become CUBU’s shill and not because of the overwhelming talent they have grace their pool. As I said, they have some big talent but they are not alone in that .
    And Mitch, I and others have sent in many suggestions of stories and ideas you could cover per your request but to no avail is safer and easier to use the same names and same clubs. This became very obvious after the end of long course and seeing the names and accomplishments that were ommited.

    For all the rah, rah parents out there that genuflect at the idea that swimming or their club or their kid gets a shout out, this website is for you. I would rather wait for an article or story of substance even if its only once a week then the recycled plot lines that grace your pages.
    This site could be so good….

    everybody needs to chill out and not be rude to janet about being a sprinter and possibly not be on the scene in a few years… she isn’t writing the articles or telling anyone to do them…. don’t diss her… it isn’t her fault!
    be nice to the RFTW staff… they work VERY hard to do their best… chill outtttt!!!

  13. this area just hosted the eastern zone meet with many of the top young swimmers in the east coast, but zero mention here. Not enough swimmers from the Great Club to justify an article?

  14. on another note, and while she is a Curl Swimmer, how about a great article on Kaitlin Pawlowicz who was invited to the Junior Pan Pac team and will be competing in Hawaii next week. I believe she is the only local swimmer on that team. It is an honor well deserved for a wonderful young lady –

  15. Didn’t think they had published the roster so you must have the “inside scoop”..Thanks Mom!!! haha

    And she has graced RFTW pages on numerous occasions so not sure their is anything new to learn.

    Just curious though, their were under 18’s with faster times,did they just decide not to go? If I understand the way it works its the two fastest times (nationals and jr.’s) for 18 and under swimmers in an event that have not made an international team.

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