2010-11 All-Met teams

2010-11 All-Met teams

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Good Counsel's Jack Conger and Sarah Haase are the 2010-11 All-Met swimmers of the year (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post).
Good Counsel's Jack Conger and Sarah Haase are the 2010-11 All-Met swimmers of the year (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post).

The 2010-11 Winter All-Met teams were released Friday and showcased the top swimming and diving talent in the area.

Good Counsel doubled up as junior Sarah Haase and sophomore Jack Conger earned swimmer of the year honors while Langley’s Ryan Jackson (girls) and Gonzaga’s Dave Norton (boys) were named coaches of the year.

Check out the full girls’ and boys’ first teams, second teams and honorable mention lists here:

Girls All-Mets / Boys All-Mets


  1. Congratulations to Jack Conger, ALL MET SWIMMER OF THE YEAR!
    and also to Sarah HAESE, ALL MET SWIMMER OF THE YEAR!

    Much deserved recognition!

    PS..Way to go RMSC!!!

  2. Cracks me up how you have two girls with Automatic All-America times (one beat a first teamer head to head and one with the fastest time in 100 back in HS swimming all year in MD/DC/VA) that are second team and at least two first teamers who probably won’t make All-America because their consideration times are not fast enough. How can you be All-America and not All-Met? The great thing about swimming is you are either fast or you’re not and the clock on the wall tells you who the best is. Too bad All-Met doesn’t recognize this. Congratulations to all the deserving All-Mets, first and second team.

  3. how do you come in second at metros in 2 events and make all met? and have the 6th fastest 200 IM time and the 8th fastest 100 back time on the POST stats list and make all met??

  4. This annual list means nothing in the scheme of things. Matt Mclean won NCAA’s this year and wasn’t swimmer of the year as a senior and there is a kid this year listed on the honorable mention who has Olympic trial cuts. This list means nothing…

  5. Are you saying my girl don’t belong on 1st team All Met? Take that trash back to the summer league swim team you coach and get a life you loser.

  6. WGR, what makes you think I’m talking about a Whitman girl? Sounds a little defensive to me.

  7. Why can’t we be friends? There is absolutely no need to verbally abuse anyone.

    Let’s just congratulate all the swimmers who made the All-Met teams (first, second, and honorable mention). As for who should be on which team, the kids know who are faster than whom and so would the college recruiting-persons who look at the swimmers’ times first.

  8. @ SwimTaxi – A bit obvious – who else was second in two events – specifically 100 back and 200 IM and made First Team (Yay Charlotte) but was second to Ashleigh Ferguson who made second team. And if there’s any doubt about the choice for Charlotte as First team, remember that she was on both the winning 200 and 400 free relays that broke the MCPS and meet records – in Automatic All-American times. So congratulations to all the athletes who were awarded All-Met status – first, second or honorable mention. Instead of telling someone they sound defensive, perhaps you should relax – these kids are all friends and, with luck, might actually get to compete in Metros again next year.

  9. Swimcoach2 couldn’t be talking about Charlotte. A quick check shows that she was third in WP database for 2IM behind two other all met swimmers with one of the fastest times in met history and two seconds faster than automatic all-american. He must be referring to someone else…

  10. I just want to repeat what I wrote earlier “the kids know who are faster than whom and so would the college recruiting-persons who look at the swimmers’ times first”. Most of the swimmers are also friends so … parents or “fans” of swimmers, just let it go. We already show the kids how bad we are with the vicious verbal attacks on others.

  11. Hey Really, pay attention to what’s written before you spout off. Charlotte Meyer is on my 1st team. Automatic All-America should mean All-Met. Read my post again and use your brain before you use your fingers. What is it with all the Whitman doubters? I never said anything about any Whitman girls.

  12. Just saying that if you give All-Met to people who make all-american, that would mean the top 4 people in the girls 500 would get it, since all of them made automatic all-american. Clearly there are more criteria than that

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  15. Does anyone look at facts before they post responses? For your information Herro, the top 3 in the 500 made automatic All America, not the top 4. Consideration times often don’t get you a All-America certificate. Automatic times do. Two of the top three made All-Met. Second place did not. How does that work. How do you race and get a 2nd or 3rd with no All-America times and make 1st team All-Met and then someone who places 1st or 2nd with an Automatic All America time makes 2nd team? Because you live in the right neighborhood so your HS relay team is fast? How does that make sense. This is just a popularity contest not a true listing of the best swimmers.

  16. @swim taxi-you want me to check my facts again? i was correct, and you weren’t. in prelims, katie rogers, who finished fourth went 4:53, and the last time i checked, that’s an automatic qualifying time. and i’m not taking sides on who should or shouldn’t make it. i’m simply stating that there are more factors that go into who makes it than all-american times. so chill

  17. How come everyone is focused on charlotte and not ria. Ria came in second in both events too

  18. We’re tired of listening to you SwimTaxi. Come back when you have something intelligent to say. Bawawawawa.

  19. Do you know how embarrassed your kids would be at some of the postings on this site? The parents spend more thinking about this stuff then the kids do. Did everyone who should have made 1st,2nd or HM get a shout out? No but most did , its not an exact science. It is great to get recognition but it’s not a perfect system.
    As far as college coaches giving a rats ass about this? Ha, I can tell you with 100% certainty that times trump EVERYTHING. Two swimmers, one girls has a 4:55 500 free and is first team, the other a 4:50 and absolutely no team “met” status (and everything else equal)..
    I know who will get that first phone call come July 1.

    As someone pointed out, who gets the all met, swimmer of the year, first team, second team is not a predictor of success by any means..Best example:
    *Meredith Budner- 2nd in the 500 and 1650 at D1 NCAA’s

    And take a look at the First Team or Swimmer of the Years in high school that never made conference championships or NCAA’s.

  20. I have a swimmer in college, during HS she was HM, 2nd team, 2nd team and Sr. year made 1st team All-Met. There are many of her peers that didn’t progress beyond what they did in HS. She is having much success at the college level and loves every minute of it.

    Please don’t stress out about where your kids get their recognition from. Like previous poster stated, college coaches don’t care.

    TIMES are what gets you in college along with your character and academic records.

  21. Hey mom2two thanks for that inspiring story about your daughter’s high school career. While your at it, give us a complete list of her times and finishes this year. Or maybe those are posted on your facebook page. I’m sure that writing that post made you feel good about yourself so I’ll try not to hurl.

  22. WGR,

    It is unbelievable that you could not discuss anything in a civilized manner. I’d like to quote some of the things you wrote: “spare us the whining. Bawawawawa”, “use your brain before you use your fingers”, “Let’s all get in a circle with swimmer’s parent and sing Barney songs”, “Come back when you have something intelligent to say. Bawawawawa.”, “I’m sure that writing that post made you feel good about yourself so I’ll try not to hurl”

    While RFTW is an open forum, personal attacks from anyone like you should have been edited and perhaps censored.

  23. To: Whitman Girls Rule

    If you in fact go to Whitman I’m pretty sure that your coach would not approve of your negative posts. As for me, I have worked at that school for 33 years as you would know. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even you. But there is no need to be mean spirited. Whitman is my favorite school in the whole world and it’s because of the students and staff. Please live up to the Whitman standard of excellence. I have faith in you.

  24. To: Dave Greene

    If you are in fact Dave Greene then you know that Coach Schaefer does not have time to search internet message boards and critique his swimmers’ posts. I have been posting in this thread to cover my girls’ backs, and I think Coach Schaefer would approve of that. Now if your panties are in a bunch over my last post, I’m sorry about that.

  25. Yes, we all know Coach Schaefer is crafting his Country Glen line-ups, so he definitely does not have time to be posting on this website.

  26. I heard a rumer that Rockville recruited him as their coach for next year. Can anyone confirm this to be true?

  27. And if this is true, then it would be a huge blow to the team and community around it. At least they hired a bunch of up and coming new coaches that should make the loss of Coach Shaefer not that bad

  28. You guys are rediculous. Time and time again, people on this site turn this into a near chatroom for their petty and immature posts. This is about the swimmers, and not about your egos.

  29. NovaSwimCoach, I always thought RFTW was a chatroom. What were you expecting?

  30. To: A Swimmer Parent who is fed up with WGR

    We can all sleep well tonight knowing there’s a new message board monitor in town. But you need to work on you copy and paste skills. I don’t want anyone thinking I stole SwimTaxi’s line.

    So what you’re saying is that you don’t like my posts and someone should censor them? I think you would feel right at home in Iran.

  31. No, I don’t like to read posts from a pesty person who likes to cyber-bully people. You are a disgrace to Whitman swimmers and parents.

  32. It’s embarrassing that you all spend your time bickering about who deserves All- Met or not. In my experience as a swimmer, no one cares about this stuff.

  33. To: A Swimmer Parent who is fed up with WGR

    Since it looks like no one will ever confuse you with a rocket scientist, let me give you a little help. If you don’t like my posts, don’t read them. Bawawawawa. Bawawawawa. Bawawawawa.

  34. All-met is just another way to honor swimmers for their accomplishments in the pool for their individual performances. They all deserve these accolades for their hard work on their respective club teams. Very few of the fast swimmers in the area practice with their high school team which is pathetic. These swimmers either sit on the bleachers and watch their fellow teammates train or don’t even bother to show up at all. What kind of sport is that? High school swimming in this area is unbelievable, but kids need to realize that this is a team sport. I can tell you for a fact that some of the faster swimmers on my high school team that practiced were very highly respected. Although they didn’t go all out in these practices, they were with their teammates. This aspect is a very undervalued memory that I personally cherish greatly. But hey, “coaches” let this slide. Don’t worry, I swam with my high school team all throughout my career and also 7-9 times a week on a club team. So don’t give excuses about getting in the water for two measly hours a week and be a good teammate and not be so arrogant watching your friends work hard.

  35. Yes, this is Coach Schaefer. I agree with Coach Greene. If WGR and any other Whitman athletes have something to say about other atheltes, they can drop by my classroom and have a conversation with me. It is not the standard that I have in place.

    I am glad that a few swimmers/divers and parents brought these posts to my attention.

    Congratulations to Jack Conger, Sarah Haase and ALL the student-athletes who made the first, second and honorable mention teams. They are incredible athletes who worked hard during the season and deserve the accolades. I respect and fear them every time Whitman has to face their teams.

  36. Disagree completely. I wouldn’t waste an afternoon participating in an hour-long high school practice where you might hit 1500 to 2000 yards.

    You could get just as much bonding and camaraderie with your high school teammates during the schoolday and during weekend social activities, without sacrificing your goals and your training.

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