Curl-Burke to move forward as Nation’s Capital Swim Club

Curl-Burke to move forward as Nation’s Capital Swim Club

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New logo for the Nation's Capital Swim Club (provided by NCAP)

Curl-Burke Swim Club issued a press release on Tuesday announcing the renaming of the local club as the Nation’s Capital Swim Club under the ownership of the club’s former direction of operations and new CEO, Tom Ugast.

Along with the new name, the club will feature a new red, white and blue logo as the club continues to distance itself from its former owner, head coach, and namesake Rick Curl. Curl took an indefinite leave of absence from the club after allegations of a sexual relationship with a swimmer surfaced in late July. Following Curl’s departure, the club temporarily changed its name to CUBU under which it competed in July and August.

“The last couple of months have been a challenging time for our club, coaches, swimmers and facility partners,” Ugast said in the press release. “Our new name and ownership build on the many changes we’ve already made that reflect our uncompromising commitment to the safety of our swimmers, while preserving the talents and strengths that have made our club one of the country’s most successful for years.”

Ugast has been with the club for the past six years. He was formerly a member of the coaching staff in the early 1980s.

Pete Morgan, who has been with the club since its founding in 1978, will continue his role as the club’s head coach, which he assumed in July. He is the head site coach at the Burke facility in Virginia. Morgan coached Ed Moses to a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The club has produced four Olympic gold medalists during its 34-year history, including 15-year-old Katie Ledecky, who won gold in the women’s 800-meter freestyle this past August in London.

Ledecky was named to the U.S. National Team along with former club swimmer Ellyn Baumgardner, who swims for the University of Arizona. Teammates Andrew Seliskar, 15, and Carsten Vissering, 15, were named to the U.S. Junior National Team this September as well.

“Our swimmers are excited for the new season and proud to be part of one of the nation’s most successful swim clubs,” said Jeff King, head coach of the NCAP sites in Alexandria and a founding member of the club. “Along with taking on a new name, we also will be taking our pride and history with us.”

During the 2011-2012 season, the club secured its second consecutive USA Swimming virtual club championship in both the long course and short course formats.

According to the press release, NCAP has more than 2,000 swimmers at 15 facilities in the D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia area. Following the news during the summer, the club lost two sites in Virginia and one in Maryland, but has not seen enrollment suffer as a result.

“Every facility we have is full,” Ugast said in a telephone interview. “We’ve always said we have provided ‘the finest swimming in the nation’s capital’ and we’re still committed to that. That hasn’t changed.”

The club will continue to host meets in the Potomac Valley local swimming community as well as its marquee event, the Tom Dolan Invitational, which has become the fastest winter championship meet on the east coast.

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  1. It’s not a coincidence that this announcement comes on the day of Rick Curl’s disciplinary hearing, is it?

  2. I wonder why they closed two sites in Virginia and one in Maryland as they said “Every facility we have is full”?

  3. Well, it actually DIDN’T come out the day of Rick Curl’s hearing. The hearing is today: the new name and logo were released yesterday. Rick Curl has absolutely no involvement with the team anymore on any kind of capacity. The team has moved on and wants to start fresh without him.

    The sites that were lost had nothing to do with the team getting rid of them. The facilities (two of them being religious institutions) made the decision to not renew the contract with the team. Those sites have been absorbed by other sites close to those locations, which in turn make those groups pretty large. However, every site is completely full and has a wait list for the most part. With it being an Olympic year and Katie Ledecky winning the gold medal in the 800 freestyle, people want to see what NCAP can do to get their swimmers to the next level.

  4. Haha.. How much did they pay the PR firm that helped choose the new team acronym? Google and the first result is National Coalition of Abortion Providers. Brilliant work folks!

  5. Latest news is that Rick Curl has been banned for life by USA Swimming after waiving his right to challenge at today’s hearing. And, Noah Rucker’s case is going to the grand jury.

  6. The coaching staff has been working with the new name new logo for sometime, over the summer. It takes time to design the name/logo and get approved by USA swimming. It is not they just chose yesterday to announce the new name.

    Be positive!

  7. Why should you search There are so many websites with .net or .org. The club did not post the website address yet. By the way, NCAP also stands for North Carolina Association of Pharmacists.

    Maybe you will find something interesting when you search your own name on Google.

  8. swim4life…. what an understatement “The facilities (two of them being religious institutions) made the decision to not renew the contract with the team.” They were schools w/religous affiliations that didn’t want to be connected with a program that has connections with two PEDOPHILES. I would say that the decision “to not renew the contract..” was based on that fact. And the 3rd site was dropped because the coach and the university he worked at didn’t want to be associated with a program that has 2 PEDOPHILES listed on the BANNED FOR LIFE list at US Swimming. The CUBU, now NPAC, public relations machine has done tremendous job of spinning attention away from what has really happened!!

  9. The club cannot be blamed for one person’s wrong doing back to 30 years ago. If one of your grandparent did something wrong even before you were born, should your parents or you be blamed of associate with that one? Same thing here for those swimmers currently on the team, they did not do anything wrong. All of them even were not born when this happened. Rick has nothing to do with the new club now. Let’s move on.

    By the way, everything has two sides of stories. No one involved in this scandal here is 100% victim.

  10. Mr Smith, before I start in I would like to state I do not condone such acts against any person being a kid or adult. But your statement makes no sense to reality. If you blame an organization as a whole for actions of one or two people and not allow the rest of the organization to strive and survive you are punishing other parties that have no idea what is going on, and in this case as an example, most of the involved parties that are being denied access to these faculties were not even born when the act occurred. Second, if businesses do keep denying access to these facilities that have had such instances within their organization in today’s economy will not survive. Case in point is the boy scouts, education systems, football, gymnastics programs, churches, Doctors, Dentist and so on. So based on what you have said. Anybody that has worked for a hospital that had a Doctor take advantage of a patient, that hospital should not be able to buy products from any suppliers, the other doctors, nurses, heck even the patients should not be allowed to enter a grocery store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One thing everybody needs to get a grip on is the world in general has a lot of bad people in it not just the swimming community!!!!!! Those are the people that need to be punished. Not the innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. someoneinmd…HA HA HA…One person’s doing?! EVERYONE KNEW. Everyone knew about Rick, about Noah, yet time after time, the choice was made to ignore it. Reading article after article online from local news to Fairfax Underground and there is comment after comment after comment from this person, and that person, from parents, former swimmers, former coaches; from all sorts of involvements from CUBU, to Lowes Island, to James Madison High School Swimming going back 20+ years attesting about how they KNEW. Rick Curl franchised his team to another child molester-Noah Rucker after the stories about him were out there. It is absolutely shameful how children were abused and adults entrusted with their well-being looked the other way.

    The pool in Warrenton, which is a City-Run recreation center gave them the boot too.

  12. Two for two.. CUBU is even successful in pedophilia!! 2 coaches in one day…. do you think that will make Ugast’s list of accomplishments in 2012?

  13. The pool in Warrenton gave their time to a team that has had it’s own problems. They knowingly hired a coach that was being investigated on the same charges. He has been cleared but at the time he was hired, he was being investigated. I would not feel my child was safe swimming for a team that knowingly put children in danger.

  14. Wake up folks. Timing of this is NOT coincidental. This is yet another highly organized chess match move by USAS to continue to cover their asses while, again, orchestrating the whole thing. Curl and USAS bought enough time with their “waiving of hearings” and “waiving of rights” to A) allow them to get well past the Olympics, B) past the meeting in Greensboro, C) plant enough propaganda about the success of the Swim Safe initiative and finally, and thankfully, D) allow Ugast and company to rebuild what was left of the team. I admire their hard work in continuing to have a program for those families who stayed. It is about the kids! Now, keep them safe by executing the things that have been advertised.

  15. Ugast has been with Rick Curl since the late 80’s. This is not some breath of fresh air, it’s simple recycling the same product under a different wrapper.

  16. @MrSmith…I was hoping that you’d be smart enough to know that when I stated that three facilities decided not to renew the contract for this year that it would be because of Curl and Rucker. Apparently you missed that. I was pretty sure I didn’t need to go into detail of the reasons WHY, as I was sure it was apparent by all the press covering this story.

    It really irritates me when people only blame others inside the CUBU circle of knowing of the rumors involving Rick Curl…uhhhhhh, if that was the case (and i certainly wouldn’t know because I was too young and lived in another state at the time), what about holding Currin, her parents AND the coaches from other teams responsible for keeping their mouths shut? What about the coaches from RMSC and Texas that Currin confided in? As its been said before, it’s not fair to chastise just the one club; if you can sit here and say that all of these CUBU people need to be investigated, what about those outside the club that knew too? You can’t just have it one way…

  17. OCCS got the time in Warreton. Do your research; they’ve also had two coaches investigated for inappropriate behavior with children. So what does that say about the WARF?!?!

  18. How many people who swim for CUBU / NCAP actually even know Rick Curl, we have swam for them for 5 years and have never seen him, I would not even know what he looked like if i hadnt seen his face all over the news. Lets get this thing in perspective this incident didn’t happen last year it was 30 year ago..Most of the coaches and all the kids on the team now were not born. I would have no reason to pull my child from this club, I am very happy with the coaching she gets and the program as a whole. its time to move on.

  19. !I would like to Thanks all Cubu’s coaches who worked so hard to keep kid’s hopes, dreams and talent on the table!….they worked very hard and here is our new team….!

  20. It is hard to deny that CUBU/NCAP is a good swimming club with talented coaches. However, all from CUBU, PVS teams and USA Swimming who knew of the abuses and did not report to the authority should be held accountable. New leaderships should be put in place to ensure the safety of our children. RESIGNATION is the first step.

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