Ricky Munch: Friday morning breaststroke set

Ricky Munch: Friday morning breaststroke set

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Florida's 2012-2013 Southeastern Conference champion men's swimming and diving team honored on the field during Florida's homecoming football game against Vanderbilt on Saturday. (Photo provided by Ricky Munch)

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Ricky Munch is a junior at the University of Florida. He began swimming with the Fairfax Station Flyers at age five in the NVSL and continued his career at Robinson Secondary where helped the Rams to the 2008-09 and 2009-2010 Va. AAA state championships. He trained with Machine Aquatics in Vienna prior to his enrollment at Florida.

The last two weeks have been very busy between school, practice, and meets. University of Florida hosted Georgia and Alabama at home in separate meets. The competition with Georgia was a great dual meet atmosphere. They are probably the best team we have raced so far this year. There were many good races and people stepping up and swimming very fast.

No. 6 Georgia at No. 2 Florida results (Nov. 1)
Ricky: 100 breaststroke (56.69); 100 freestyle (46.60); 200 medley relay breaststroke split (25.11); 400 free relay split (46.76)

Our dual meet with Alabama last Thursday kicked off homecoming weekend. The stands were packed and created a very fun and loud atmosphere. It was awesome that so many people showed up to watch us compete.

The meet went very late; we got finished with team warm down at about 11pm, and then we had to turn around and get up at 7am. Coach Troy explained to us that this related to day three of a championship swim meet as the second night session goes very late, but you still have to wake up early for day three.

No. 16 Alabama at No. 2 Florida results (Nov. 7)
Ricky: 50 free (21.01); 400 medley relay breaststroke split (55.37); 400 freestyle relay split (46.07); 200 breaststroke (2:07.14)

Friday morning workout had to be the highlight of the week for the breaststroke group. We did nearly 800 squats on the deck and about 2,000 yards of breaststroke kick as fast as possible. The set went like this — 6 rounds of 2×100 breaststroke kick all out on two minutes and then 50 squats. The rest of the set followed the same pattern for 50s and 25s breaststroke kick while the squats decreased to 20 and 10 after every two rounds of kicks.

Coach Troy’s goal for the set was for everyone to be able to hold 1:10s on the 100 breaststroke kicks. Before the last round he told everyone that if they didn’t make the first two on 1:10 then they would have to do a third, which motivated everyone to make the goal time. Friday afternoon we had a tough fly-day and Saturday morning we did four broken 200s and one broken 100. Finally, we could enjoy the weekend!

Last years SEC championship team was honored on the football field at half time. We got to go on the field at halftime and were introduced to the crowd. It was a very awesome experience to be in front of tens of thousands of people.

In one week, we head to the Ohio State Invitational for a three-day meet and some fast swimming. Afterwards I get to go home for a few days at Thanksgiving to enjoy time with my family before heading back to Gainesville for final exams and winter training.

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  1. Ricky – I love reading your little blog updates. I’m a Gator grad from 1993. My 9 yr old son swims for RMSC and he’s doing really well. His dream is to one day make the Gator swim team and he’s such a hard worker he might actually make it. We’ll see. Keep posting and best of luck with your future meets. Go Gators!

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