Eli Fouts burned up the pool at all-stars and this is what...

Eli Fouts burned up the pool at all-stars and this is what it looked like

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Eli Fouts, 14, had a career day at Sunday’s MCSL all-stars. He broke a Jack Conger record in the 50-meter backstroke and re-set his own breaststroke record – previously held by Carsten Vissering (2009) and Olympic gold medalist Mike Barrowman (1983). 

The times stand as area-records but with NVSL all-stars on Saturday those swims are in jeopardy of being eclipsed by a pair of Chesterbrook swimmers – Jaya Kambhampaty and Sam Gollob – and Virginia Run’s Leo Wang.

If you weren’t able to make it to Rockville Swim Center on Sunday, you can watch both races here, including an interview with Fouts following the record-breaking swims. And if you want to skip around, here are the cue times for each segment: 0:00 (backstroke race), 0:38 (backstroke interview), 1:20 (breaststroke race) and 1:57 (breaststroke interview).

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  1. That is absolutely awesome and wonderful. You all have reason to be very proud that all of your hard work and time has paid off. And I’m sure it’s not over yet! Congratulations!

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